Ruff credits rural Canadians for gun legislation amendment withdrawal

The Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound says the federal Liberals need to prioritize what is most important when it comes to proposed gun legislation moving forward.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party dropped two key amendments, G-4 and G-46 to Bill C-21, which would have banned a long list of firearms. The amendments were withdrawn on the morning of February 3 at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security.

Alex Ruff has been very vocal about his opposition to most gun legislation since he was elected in 2019, saying the federal Liberals must better prioritize any legislation moving forward, and “stop targeting law-abiding gun owners.”

“In Bruce, Grey, Huron, Perth and Wellington Counties, and pretty much all of rural Canada, Canadians have never understood why the Liberal government is focusing on policies that are targeting law-abiding firearm owners” said Ruff. “The focus needs to on border security, targeting our border security agents to ensure that they’re properly equipped to deal with the illegal trafficking of firearms, which isn’t legislation; that’s going after people that are breaking already-existing laws.”

The Liberals say they intend to move forward with Bill C-21 without the amendments, but Ruff says he hopes the focus is on gangs, illegal trafficking and those committing crimes, instead of sweeping legislation that only effects law-abiding citizens.