Georgian Bluffs residents warned after pet killed by coyotes

Photo of coyote courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / marcbruxelle

The Township of Georgian Bluffs is advising residents to take precautions following a fatal attack on a pet by a coyote earlier this week.

The incident took place in the Brooke neighbourhood of Georgian Bluffs, and has prompted the township to ask residents to be on the lookout when walking their pets, as well as ensuring trash is covered and pet food is kept indoors. Residents are also advised to remove fallen fruit from yards and gardens.

“If you see a coyote, do not approach it. Stay calm, make yourself look as large as you can, and make noise,” a statement from the municipality said. “Coyotes are common wildlife in this area, but generally avoid human contact.”

Residents that observe any wild animals causing an immediate threat to public safety are asked to contact the Ontario Provincial Police.