OFA calls for aid for provincial beef industry

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture says they have joined the call to ask for immediate government action to aid in the resolution of the mounting threats facing Ontario farmers.

They say the beef industry is in urgent need of government support to mitigate financial losses, and to get market-ready cattle processed, noting too many processors have exited the sector in recent years, leaving too few processors to place bids on cattle.

According to a release from the OFA, Ontario’s beef industry has been in a state of uncertainty and duress for more than a year, and depressed market prices, trade and market access barriers, and the suspension for Ryding-Regency Meat Packers have adrdess to the stress.

They say this this critical processing capacity shortage, combined with a serious competitiveness crisis, is costing the sector millions of dollars in lost income, and threatens the viability of Ontario’s beef farms.

Global demand for Ontario beef continues to be high, but the limited capacity of these processing plants and the opportunity for growth within the industry is quote-“significantly restricted”.