Fake honey putting a stinger in sales for Canadian beekeepers

Photo courtesy of Morguefile

Fake honey continues to pour into Canada.

Beekeepers say they have known about the food fraud for years, and want consumers to be more aware.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been taking a harder line on fake honey since June of last year, and recently collected 240 samples from across the country, finding that 78% were authentic honey.

The remaining 22% however had added sugars present.

While all domestic samples were authentic, more than fifth of honey imported from places like Greece, Pakistan, India, Vietnam and China failed tests at the CFIA’s lab in Ottawa.

Fake honey is usually cut with corn syrup or cane sugar syrup.

The increased inspections have stopped over 12,000 kilograms of adulterated honey, valued at around $77,000, from entering the Canadian market.