Voting begins on Thursday, October 11 @ 9am and ends on Monday, October 22nd @ 8pm. Voting this year will be conducted by telephone, computer, cell phone, iPad, tablet or laptop. The official list of candidates is below.


One (1) to be elected:

Mike Bradley

Mike Bradley

I am tried, tested and true providing leadership to the citizens of Sarnia. Fiscally responsible balanced by social advocacy. Re election will start the process of restoring your Council and City Hall to being open, empathetic, caring and accountable.

I will no matter what the challenges continue to provide full time leadership working with Council, Business, Labour and Citizens to build the “New Sarnia” – a collaborative community that is economically, and socially diverse, inclusive, caring and environmentally sustainable. I am on your side being your watchdog at City Hall. We must not look back but to the future and dream no small dreams for Sarnia.

Anne Marie Gillis

Why am I running for Mayor? Sarnia deserves a leader with integrity. I’m proud of my 15 year record as City Councillor & County Councillor. I am a wife, a mother, a grandma and a politician.

I was appointed by Council as staff intermediary as a direct result of the current Mayor’s egregious violation of the Occupational Health & Safety Act for Harassment in the Workplace. I did not seek that role, but accepted that responsibility.

Reflecting over the past 30 years, It is unacceptable to me that our population has been stagnant, that our industry has left our community & nothing has replaced it, that we have not taken advantage of new opportunities. I do not want to take the City back, I want to take the City forward. How do I intend to do that? My 5 point platform: 1. Leadership Matters 2. Grow our City-Cut the Red Tape 3. Improve our Quality of Life 4. Plan for the Future. 5. Manage our Money.

This election is a gamechanger, we can either move forward or lag behind. Facts Matter. This election you have a clear choice. Do you want chaos or opportunity, do you want your children to stay or leave? Do you want a future or do you want the past? Vote Gillis for Mayor. www.votegillis2018.ca

Kip Cuthbert
Fred Ingham

Four (4) to be elected:

Steve Blair

I was born and raised in Sarnia. I am married to my wife Laurie & have 3 children & 3 grandchildren. I worked with my mother & father running a sports store for 25 years, before moving on to run one myself for another 10. I currently work in the oil & gas sector managing unionized employees.

As for community involvement I spent a couple of decades coaching minor & high school hockey. There is no greater feeling than to meet one of your former players and seeing them succeed in life. That being said I have a strong bond to the downtown core. I even served on the downtown BIA until dismantled. I firmly believe a strong downtown makes for a stronger city.

I am a fiscal conservative, & with no disrespect to current or former councils I feel we can do better. I believe my business background will be able to bring a fresh set of eyes to the issues our city is facing. Also, having spent so many years in retail, having interacted with thousands of people of different stripes, I feel I can help council become more cohesive & effective & interact with the community positively.

Terry Burrell

As a former City Councillor & as a Chartered Accountant, I have a proven record of getting things done and keeping the costs down at City Hall. The City provides policing, fire protection, transit service & sports facilities. It collects garbage and recycling. It maintains miles of roadways, water lines and sewer lines.

Council must prepare for a major plant expansion in the Valley and the rising need of affordable housing. We have to look after our citizens & the environment. Let us keep Sarnia moving forward. Vote Terry Burrell for Sarnia City Council.

Janet Chynces

Janet Chynces

My name is Janet Chynces. I am a Sarnia native who has spent her entire life in this great city. I am an entrepreneur, creating one of Sarnia’s first internet service providers & I.T. consultancies back in the early 90’s. Servicing clients such as the City of Sarnia, Sarnia Police, & the LKDSB. I have over 20 years of management experience in industries such as Information Technology (I.T.) & large non-profits. Part of the accommodation review committee for the St. Christopher/St. Patrick High School & for the south end elementary schools, as well as numerous other positions. I teach First Aid/CPR offering Red Cross training to businesses & individuals across south-western Ontario.

With industry partners expanding, we need to have the infrastructure to support them & the people they bring to our great city. Let’s clean up the streets & enable community partners to combat youth homelessness & illicit drug use. Clean up all the needles in parks & sidewalks. Let’s advance the city through technology & make Sarnia a connected/smart city that fosters technology & innovation. Let’s put Sarnia on the map for all the right reasons. For more information, please visit www.janetchynces.ca or Facebook and Twitter. Or ask me through email janet@sarniavotes.ca

Nathan Colquhoun

My education in social services, accomplishments in business, handling multi-million dollar budgets, & experiences as a mutli-charity director have given me significant insight into organizational leadership & strategic planning. I am a strong supporter of unions & workers’ rights, public services to boost the quality of life for everyone, & scientific research to implement policy. I lean towards people before profits, listening before speaking, unions before corporations, quality before quantity, honesty before inflated promises, respect before power, & local interests before global aims. I welcome criticism, speak frankly, & enjoy the process of debate.

I am a founder of theStory, Storyboard Solutions, Refined Fool Brewing Company, Burger Rebellion, Mexico, Festival of Good Things and Run of Exploding Colour. I have been deeply involved with Artwalk, Habitat for Humanity and Lambton Circles.

My platforms are centered around being entrepreneur friendly, election reform (redistributing the roles of the mayor to the rest of the council, & the mayor being determined by councilor with most votes), ongoing waterfront development, contractor responsibility & accountability, new & innovative organizational directives, developing brownfield sites & developing sporting amenities & local events. More can be read about my platform on my website www.nathancolquhoun.com

Eric Dalziel

Canadian Institute of Management (Business) & B.A. in Resource Administration. For Sarnia, Hockey Coach, Lambton Seniors Home Handyman, Canadian Blood Services, Caregiver Relief for Client with Dementia. Working at NOVA Chemicals, I managed yearly budgets $5M dollars & Projects to $27M dollars.

After attending all City Council meetings since September 2017, I saw significant disconnect in relationships & communications between, Mayor, City Management/Staff, Council & Citizens of Sarnia. So I decided to run for City Council.

Partial Platform: Mend relationships at City Hall; Budget less than Inflation values, continue to zero debt; Prioritize Infrastructure repairs for 2019 Budget; Critique Centennial Park by City Management & Staff; Jackson Pool reopened 2019; Detox & Addictions – safe & secure facility.

Bill Dennis

I am a husband, step-father & professional real estate broker in Sarnia. I have been a professional realtor for 25 years & as such, I have been a lifelong promoter of & ambassador for Sarnia.

I am also an active financial trader (self-taught) with a keen understanding of financial markets & investments. No, I am not a typical politician, I am a fresh voice with a strong love for people, politics & progress. I have deep community roots right from my late Grandfather who served as MPP, to my wife’s late Grandfather who started the Celebration of Lights.

I have a firm and strong belief system which forms the basis for my platform including: Strong fiscal accountability – respecting the taxpayer with an emphasis on value for money. Facilitating economic development is absolutely essential – jobs, jobs, jobs! Being a business friendly community is mandatory. Ensuring a safe community – all our first responders are critical success factors. Respecting local labour is key.

Overall, my plan rests on these five tenets to put the citizens of Sarnia First and Foremost, I want to be YOUR voice.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

I have worked in different types of public service jobs for the last 30 years, held various positions in a half dozen different youth & community based charity organizations. I am running for city council to bring a passionate, unique voice to our city council & shape the future of our community for my children & for all our families.

Sarnia is a special place to live, work, & raise a family. I have the experience, problem-solving skills, & vision to help give our city a bright future. My platform is based on wanting to see improvement in what we have, & what we can build and expand on. As a volunteer & activist for our youth & community, I’ve brought people together to find solutions & get things done. I will be an advocate for our entire city, demanding transparency & results. I am committed to this community & dedicated to its progress.

Public safety must be a top priority. I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with Law Enforcement & other organizations to identify & improve community safety, security & confidence in public spaces. I will exercise positive, future economic development both in the short & long term by pushing for an aggressive plan & marketing strategy-to clearly convey that the City of Sarnia is open for business. I will work to build & establish relationships with developers, & commercial & residential realtors to promote positive growth. I will work with the council to take a well thought-out & calibrated approach to helping families in our communities around the 3 foundation pillars of financial well-being, education, & mental health. There is much work to be done around building a future for youth that is fair, equitable & supportive. I will push to expand youth programs & services offered directly by the Municipality. I am new to the political arena, but not to leadership roles. I listen with an open mind & analyze the facts, before reaching a decision. I’m a quick study – & fully committed to the best outcome. With your support, I will implement fiscal policies that continue to enhance our Sarnia experience. I would truly appreciate your vote and thank you, in advance, for the privilege of representing you.

Dan Harding

Married to Janice Humber we have 5 kids and 10 grand kids. I graduated from LCCVI & Fanshawe College in heating/air conditioning mechanic.

Today I work for our family run business Brite Linen and Proclean, my focus for our city is growth, addiction, mental health & infrastructure. Mayor Mike quote on September 6/13 “City Manager is the only employee of city council and that relationship is critical importance to moving the city forward”. On behalf of the Jackson family & frustrated citizens, Margaret Misek Evans you’re fired.

Bill Hawkins

Bill Hawkins

My name is Bill Hawkins, I am 70 years old & lived my whole life in Sarnia. My wife & I raised our 4 children & are now raising our 2 grandchildren. I’ve worked all over Ontario doing many things for work, construction was what I did most of my career.

What the City of Sarnia needs is change. In my opinion, there’s a lot of things that don’t need to happen, happening; as well as things that should be fixed or changed, aren’t. Sarnia get’s big things like the Mclean Center & Jackson Pool, what happened with all the money that came from these things? Now they are just going to be teared down to be rebuilt again? Sarnia needs to utilize what it HAS & put the money into fixing what’s here, have better use of our Civil Servants. Centennial Park is a fiasco, as well as Vidal St. bridge. I would love to see more things happen for the seniors of Sarnia, & more activities for the youth of Sarnia to access. I would like to listen as well as contribute to come up with ideas to help the drug rate in Sarnia become less as it’s becoming a major thing in our city.

These are just some of my main topics & ideas, I am open to chat more with anyone with questions or who wants to have a conversation. Anyone can reach me on email at: billhawkins48@outlook.com. Elect Bill Hawkins in City Council for CHANGE.

MB. Villanueva Jr.

I have a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, certified Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Technologist, Petrochemical Process Technician, Drafting Technician, Six Sigma Champion. I took 2 yrs B. of Arts major in Political Science & 2 yrs M Sc. in Economics. I taught Mechanical Engineering for 2 yrs and was a former supply teacher in Chatham Kent county teaching math & automotive. I have been a Departmental Supt., Plant Safety Engineer, Drafting Technician, Operations Manager & lastly as an entrepreneur.

I have 10 yrs plus political exposure & was a former vice-president of Zones 49-50 in the 4th District of Manila with a voter density of 1,000,000. My Zones alone has over 2000 families members. To know me better, request for my bio-data & accomplishments through my gmail account; mbvillanu@gmail.com.

Susan MacFarlane

I have lived, worked & raised a family in Sarnia for the past 20 years. I am an environmental engineer & have my doctorate in Civil Engineering. In career,  I’ve worked as a waste management, wastewater treatment & contaminated sites consultant for various private sector companies. My most recent position was as General Manager of the Lambton Area Water Supply System (LAWSS). In this position over an 8-year period, I was successful in reducing LAWSS’s operating budget by 20% or $1 million per year. This was achieved through contract renegotiation, energy savings & other initiatives.

I believe we need to have a City-wide comprehensive plan for replacing & repairing infrastructure based on risk, government regulations & other identified criteria. I propose that key City by-laws be reviewed to ensure that they meet the requirements of our citizens. My other goal is to see the water rate structure changed so that the fixed portion of the water bill is much lower & this will allow fixed income residents to save money. My vision for the community is to complete an assessment of Sarnia based on identified neighborhoods & their existing amenities such as parks, trails, beaches, public facilities & meeting places. This information will assist City Council in making fair decisions for all residents of Sarnia.

Michelle Parks

You may recognize my name from serving as a trustee with the St. Clair Catholic District School board for the past 12 years or from my many years of activism in the Sarnia area. Whether I was trying to save Jackson Pool from closing, or bringing awareness to suicide prevention in our city, I am always trying to make my community a better place. I have a strong business & tourism background & will use all of these experiences to help serve you better as your voice on council.

If elected I hope to focus on my 5 main goals over the next 4 years: Fiscal accountability. Repairing & maintaining infrastructure. Diversifying our population & creating more job opportunities for our young people. Ensuring a viable Parks & Recreation Master Plan. Supporting the people of Sarnia with information & open lines of communication at every level.

If your looking for someone who is experienced in board governance & business management, who wants to move this city forward in a positive direction & who is committed to listening to all citizens of Sarnia, then I am your candidate. For more information please visit my website at www.michelleparksforsarnia.com, Together we can make a difference!

Dave Potts

Hello Sarnia, my name is Dave Potts and I have put my name in for a position on Sarnia, City council. I have been a resident of Sarnia for the past 37 years and worked for 33 of those years in the emergency services field.

The reason for vying for a position on council is that I am concerned with the Sarnia’s dwindling population & lack of new business & although these are not easy problems to change I believe that with a concerted effort; with public input, City staff and council working together & improved policies & incentives we can accomplish change.

Meghan Reale

Meghan has a diverse professional background & will provide a unique prescription & fresh voice based on years of effective communication, critical thinking & problem solving. She’s worked for the federal government in multiple capacities including her role as a Canada Border Agent (customs & immigration officer) & an administrative role with Statistics Canada. Currently, Dr. Reale teaches in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) department at St. Clair County Community College in Port Huron. She feels honoured to be able to combine teaching & sciences as she educates the next generation of front-line health care workers. Learn more about Meghan’s vision for Science, Health Care and the Biotech Industry in Sarnia at her website meghanreale.com

Meghan’s motivations for seeking a seat on council are multifaceted & are all based on the concepts of back to basics fiscal accountability, common sense approach to growth & continuing to build on the many people/places/businesses that make Sarnia a great city. She strongly believes that it’s essential to encourage & facilitate productive conversations to lay the foundation to meaningful progress. She wants to work to connect people, organizations, businesses, community groups to each other so they can share their strengths & their knowledge.

With a growing family & roots in Sarnia, Meghan has a vested interest in fostering a socially diverse & inclusive environment for citizens (and soon to be citizens) of all ages. As a board member of the Sarnia Historical Society, she has a deep appreciation for our city’s past. But as a Councillor, she will strive to advance the economic, social & environmental interests of our citizens. Through a comprehensive & concerted approach focusing & emphasizing our community resources, I believes we can retain our current young population while attracting future Sarnians.

Joseph Santoro

I want to bring fresh ideas, positive solutions and a needed legal perspective to Sarnia City Council. Having lived in Sarnia my whole life, I have long worked for positive change in the community and I now feel that the time has come for me to seek elected office.

Our current infrastructure deficit is certainly the largest challenge, but with it comes many hidden opportunities. We need to strategically prioritize projects and spending, making the most of what we have in order to fully leverage and amplify the positive effects of our efforts.

Sarnia needs a proactive and visionary approach to promoting itself to outside investors. For too long, Sarnia has remained relatively stagnant, from both a development perspective and our municipal reputation to outside investors. More often than not, the common theme I hear from outsiders is that our city doesn’t appear ‘open for business’. The reactive leadership we have had since the late 1980’s has greatly crippled Sarnia’s economic development. As a life-long Sarnia resident, it has appeared that municipal leadership has historically utilized a ‘wait & see’ approach to economic development. Specifically, “let’s wait and see who wants to invest in Sarnia”.

Our city has so much to offer, but we have not had the proactive leadership to efficiently promote our city. Our new council should take advantage of available opportunities to work with other municipalities and industry groups. The recent steps to rejoin the AMO is a great step in the right direction. There is definitely something to be said about strength in numbers, especially when it comes to nurturing relationships and marketing Sarnia’s unique strengths on a province-wide basis.

Sarnia is perfectly poised to experience an economic boom. Voters need to help establish a strong visionary council for the next 4 years.

Marie Timperly

I am a owner operator of a hair salon on Wellington Street, Sarnia. Prior businesses I have owned or managed in the service/retail/hospitality industries have enabled me to build up a wealth of experience, dealing with the public, interpersonal skills, teaching, decision making, creative arts & administration.

I am running for city council because I feel the voting public has had enough of the last 4 years. I will work for the people! Too many things have been jammed down the public’s throats (e.g. electronic voting) & were expected to just take it? Well, we’re tired of it! Tired of the toxicity at city hall & it’s time to move on and make Sarnia proud of the council representing them.

I am a person who is effective & vocal & focuses on what we are elected to do, with positive outcomes. I really feel we need more public input. Sarnia’s infrastructure needs closer reviewed & accountability as well. Your vote for me is a vote in the right direction.

Bryan Trothen

I have been described as a community activist because of my involvement in social justice issues, cultural activities, & city politics.

I have been a volunteer with Distress Line; director, vice-president, & president of Community Legal Assistance; citizen representative & Chair of Community Homelessness Initiative Network; founding member of Poverty Reduction Network, & member of Bluewater Health Citizen Advisory Panel. I was director, secretary, & acting Chair of the Lawrence House Centre for the Arts. I have been, and still am, a subscriber &/or donor to the JNAGG, Theatre Sarnia, Sarnia Community Concerts, & the International Symphony.

I have previously been appointed to the Sarnia Planning Advisory Committee, the Heritage Advisory Committee, & am currently the council appointee to the Sarnia Police Services Board. In addition, I am a maven of municipal politics & began in 2006 to attend council meetings in person, read the agendas, the background packages & even the annual budgets. If elected I would be an advocate of civil debate, fiscal restraint, social justice, & culture.

George V

George Vandenberg

I have a lot of experience in a lot of different areas, including policing, law, & charity. I have served the Sarnia community as a former police officer & I run a successful paralegal business. I’m also chair of the Humane Society & believe passionately in giving back to my community. I have the needs of the people of Sarnia in mind & believe I have demonstrated this through a lifetime of service. At the end of the day what matters is making people’s lives better, easier, & more affordable – not just the optics of leadership. The first way to do that is to work with your fellow Councillors to come to a solution that benefits everyone. We often see some politicians playing politics & losing sight of what’s important. If that’s the case, than I’m not afraid of butting heads with council to see the needs of the people of Sarnia are looked after.

Sarnia is only now coming out of a year’s long deficit & we already see a number of people starting to go spend crazy over unrealistic initiatives. If we wish to keep tax low & continue investment & growth in our community we need to focus on the fundamentals of infrastructure & economics. Upgrades to policing are necessary to combat the current drug epidemic, along with focusing our efforts towards both prevention & rehabilitation of addiction. Maintaining low tax is critical to drawing investment & improving the all our lives. We have seen an exodus of Toronto residents coming to Sarnia recently that are driving housing prices up – it’s important that we plan infrastructure accordingly & maintain affordable housing so we don’t have the same situation locally. I have the leadership skills & experience necessary to improve our community & look forward to the challenge of making a great city even greater.

David Waters

David Waters

My name is David & currently I work for Faethorne Place Housing Cooperative as a property manager. Before that I worked in the hotel & restaurant business the better part of my life. The last number of years I have served in various role throughout the province. The last 3 years I served as the Provincial President for the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada, now I have taken on a role as a Director on the National board for the same organization.

For the last 5 years I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Provincial Committee for the Cooperators Insurance Group. This has allowed me to understand the insurance sector in great detail. One of the roles I am most proud of is my involvement in Habitat Sarnia-Lambton. It is such a pleasure and quite a humbling experience to be apart of this, seeing families taking possession of their new home is so wonderful. I am in year 4 on the board & have served the last year as the Vice-President. I got involved in Politics a number of years ago when I started serving on the Ontario board for Cooperative Housing, spent many days at Queens Park fighting the fight for affordable housing in Ontario. My desire quickly grew to wanting to be involved in helping my own community grow & flourish. My calming personality & strong business mind along with my motivation to improve the community surely will help our city in many areas. I have had great success building relationships & engaging with others in a positive way. I am excited about the opportunity & look forward to meeting or speaking with you.

Gail White

Gail White

The biggest issue facing Sarnia is our budget, knowing that our tax base is not currently growing. We need to be cognizant of our seniors & those in low income brackets. We have to balance our budget & expenditures. For example, there is always required maintenance (e.g. infrastructure) & we need to make sure we perform work based on risk assessment. We also need to work on accessibility to ensure we can all access businesses & events. Council members need to work as a team. I am a team member at Suncor, & sometimes there are opposing views. We always come together to find a solution, after discussion & the result is like magic. Teamwork works.

I have been a Sarnia resident for 28 years. I have a degree in Chemistry and a Mechanical Technologist diploma. When I graduated from Lambton College, I was honoured with the Governor General’s award for academics & community service. I have worked as an Inspector in the oil & gas industry for more than 20 years. I am active in community groups such as Toastmasters & the Sarnia Quilt Guild. I have used my compassionate nature as a Foster Mum for CAS, as a facilitator for a grief group & an organizer of a Christmas memorial service for those who have lost loved ones.

Sarnia is a great place to work & live. I am proud to be a resident & would be even prouder to call myself a council member & serve you. I hope you will consider voting for this person who has a Scientific Mind & a Servant’s Heart. Thank you in advance for your support.

Peter Athanasopoulos
Joe Hill
Gregory Jones
Fanina Kodre
John MacIntyre
Matthew RJ McDonald
Denise Robertson

Four (4) to be elected:

Cole Anderson

Born & raised in Sarnia, I developed a passion for being a strong voice for my fellow citizens at a young age. From 2012-2016, I served on the Community Advisory Panel at Bluewater Health in Sarnia. During my term, I worked with healthcare professionals & community members striving for a better patient experience for everyone. I also served as Student Trustee on the Lambton Kent District School board throughout 2015 & 2016. Representing over 22, 000 students & community members, I was a strong advocate for ensuring that young people were provided with a welcoming environment in which they could grow, develop, & learn.

I am excited about the opportunity to represent Sarnians at City Hall by making people the priority. If I am elected I want to work towards establishing a Youth Advisory Panel comprised entirely of young Sarnians. This will provide a direct forum for our youth to be able to participate in the decision-making process at the municipal level of government & ensure their voices are heard. I also want to focus on economic growth & development to ensure Sarnia is a city in which people of all backgrounds can find success for years to come.

Margaret Bird

Margaret worked for Polysar/NOVA/Bayer for 15 years & managed the Technical Publications Group – a position with international scope. At the end of 1994, she decided to work for herself, and, for the next 6 years, worked for NOVA, through international Consultant Cap Gemini, as the Global Editor for the first implementations of SAP for Applications Education.

Margaret loves to give back to the community. She previously served on the Goodwill Board of Directors, the Lawrence House Board of Directors, and the Lambton Mosaic Project. She is currently a member of the Lambton Seniors Association Board of Directors, & a judge on the Alzheimer Society Judges Panel for their annual writing contest. Margaret also facilitates a weekly Writers Group – WITS, once a week. On many occasions, Margaret has also played in the senior residences and nursing homes, along with other musicians.

For a brighter future, Margaret has decided try and be a part of writing the NEW CHAPTER in Sarnia-Lambton – a chapter that will embrace all our hopes and dreams for now and the future generations. Email margaret@margaretbird.ca.

Dave Boushy

As a former MPP for Sarnia-Lambton & current City/County Councillor for Sarnia, my experience will help prevent major risks & problems that could result in heavy expenditures to taxpayers. My experience gives me the critical expertise to bring our city positive & forthright leadership, steady leadership & balanced leadership.

Sincerity, honesty & integrity are key issues. With me, issues change but the person’s integrity does not. You have to look at the candidates & their records. To move forward: Commercial & industrial companies have started to expand. They’re the blood of the community. We should take advantage & make every effort to support them & push for economic growth resulting in more well paying jobs.

During Council’s last term, Council in-fighting did not shine a bright light on our community, rather it killed the vitality of our great city. We have to get back to fundamental common sense leadership, with everyone working together for what is best for the community. We need to keep Sarnia rolling. We need more jobs & job security. We need more opportunities. We need economic growth to continue. We need to fix the problems & promote Sarnia-Lambton as a good place to live, work & raise a family.

Andy Bruziewicz

Andy Bruziewicz

The diversity of my educational & professional background combined
with my experience in publicly elected offices prepared me well to serve YOU on the City/County Councils. My passion for public service started in my university days. I was a frequent participant in the democratic process, winning some elections & losing occasionally. At the age of 33, I joined the Sarnia Hydro-Electric Commission. I served on the Sarnia Hydro board from 1986-1991. In 1994, I was elected to Sarnia Council. Subsequently, I was re-elected multiple times. I have served on most of the City Committees, including Environmental, Accessibility, Audit, Heritage Committees, Sarnia Transit, Police Services Board. Currently I am representing the City of Sarnia on the boards of Lambton Area Water Supply System & St. Clair Region Conservation. I am also serving on 2 provincial Boards of Directors: Ontario Municipal Water Association & the Ontario Good Roads Association. I was elected to both in 2016 & have been re-elected since twice. I am a former Corporate Director of the Nordex Explosives Ltd. I am a former Chair of the the Sarnia Hydro-Electric Commission, St. Clair Conservation Authority, & the Lambton Area Water Supply System. I am a former employee of the Research Department of the Imperial oil Ltd.

The near term objectives include the creation of the Regional Prosperity Corridor to capitalize on the economic development synergies available to the municipalities connected by highway from London to Sarnia. Complementing strengths of municipalities are self-evident. Regional approach to the economic development is still in early stages but I am encouraged by the progress so far. Sarnia-Lambton Oversized Load Corridor is only the beginning. I have supported it at both the City & the County Council. We must also build on the undisputed success of the City IT department. Its transformation from the laggard to the leader is truly incredible. Continuous improvements & progress are still needed to optimize efficiencies & effectiveness of city operations with ultimately lower operational costs being the net result. The impact of provincial legislative powers on Ontario municipalities is significant & we must relentlessly fight for fair & equitable treatment of the property taxpayers. The only effective way to be successful in that is through collaborative effort through municipal organizations such as the AMO, OMWA & the OGRA. My personal objectives in this area include the reforming of the Joint & Several Liability for Ontario Municipalities (huge impact on our insurance costs) & the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (duplication of processes under existing regime delays progress of projects & sometimes results in the cancellations).

My passion for the public service continues unabated. I will work hard on your behalf to move the community to a better future. I am ready to take on this challenge. It starts with your vote…and so, I am asking you to mark your ballot for Andy Bruziewicz – A good choice for County Council.

Al Duffy

As a life long resident of Sarnia-Lambton & retired home owner I feel I have much to offer the team that will lead this city forward in the next 4 years. With my work on local committees such as Alzheimer of Sarnia Lambton (finance chair), the Communities in Bloom (fund development chair) & working with Tourism Sarnia-Lambton organizing the Tall Ships, I find rewarding & fulfilling. Partnering with local companies & business’s, which has included St. Pats Technical Department that produced the planter stands in the new Centennial Park & Veterans Park has been my most recent achievement.

Growing up in Sarnia in the early years & like most working at a local plant I soon realized that was not the path for me. Teaching for over 35 years & involved with the OSSTF union at the Provincial level as chair of the Contract Bargaining Committee I gained a healthy respect for what unions have achieved & continue to do for Canadians. Having said that and been in one business or another over the years I can also respect the drive & determination of the entrepreneurs in our democratic free enterprise society. So my campaign slogan “What matters to me matters to you” is very relevant in this election.

Norm Francoeur

Norm Francoeur

I was born and raised in Sarnia and I have returned to my home where I am heavily involved with Theatre Sarnia. I have experience that matters. I spent 18 years in Fort McMurray working in Information Technology for the hospital & then the municipality. I understand municipal financing & as part of my prior job have worked with virtually every municipal department. While in Fort McMurray I was in charge of multi-million dollar budgets, negotiated contracts (with vendors & as part of the management team during union negotiations).

My father was my hero & I was taught that anyone could rise to any occupation regardless of their race, religion, or gender. Though I left Sarnia in order to pursue a career, I’ve always known that Sarnia is a great place to raise a family & am happy to be back these past 7 years.

We need to invest in ourselves so that others will have faith to invest & see the same Sarnia that I do. By showing cooperative leadership, a new council can work as a team to use our tax dollars as efficiently & wisely as possible. My Sarnia is a shining destination to stay, work, & play. Now more than ever, we need creative people with vision & understanding. It will be no surprise to those who know me that I wish to build on the work of the downtown arts & restaurant district to further position Sarnia as a destination. I’d also like to further streamline the process for businesses to locate in our area, guiding potential businesses through the myriad permitting processes whether they’re municipal, county, provincial or federal regulations that must be met. I do not see embracing our youth & respecting our elderly as incompatible goals, rather they are goals that everyone should embrace for the benefit of our society as a whole. Change can be exciting & I believe by combining my history of Sarnia with my experience working for another city & listening to all the generations of people, that I will be a positive force in moving our city forward.

Ian Hope

Ian Hope

I’m running against 4 incumbents so your first decision is easy. If you’re pleased with the last few years of city management, just re-elect the status quo. But if you’re disappointed or disgusted with soap operas, backstabbing, rising taxes, shrinking population, Centennial Park & the boat ramp, no upper tier funding for the hospital demolition or over-sized load corridor, then it’s time for a reboot.

So why me? I’m offering a 40 year record in business & industry as an engineer and project manager. I’ve made a successful career of defining objectives & constraints, recognizing reality, managing dollars & resources & most of all stewarding that performance to my bosses. (That’s you.)

It’s time to put those skills to work for you. “Hope for Sarnia!”

Bev MacDougall

Bev MacDougall

Bev MacDougall is a passionate community developer who is all about sustainability. Going into a new term with incoming members of Sarnia City Council, Bev is intent on developing a strong financial plan to balance debt reduction, operational spending, with a funding program to address Sarnia’s growing infrastructure repair deficit.

She has an accomplished 15 year record of political service on Sarnia & Lambton County Councils – including 2 years as Warden during 2015-2016. Bev is all about safe livable neighbourhoods, including pedestrian & cycling routes as part of interconnected road & trail networks that makes a place for all forms of transportation – connecting us to where we live, work & play. With her wealth of experience in economic & community development, Bev will continue her work with government, industry & business to shape a strong diversified economy in traditional & emerging sectors of employment – to provide good quality jobs for everyone.

Mike Stark

Through my past experiences as both an Alderman with the City of Sarnia & as a Reeve with the Town of Clearwater, I helped to set a vision for one efficient community through the amalgamation of Sarnia & the Town of Clearwater.

I’m committed to reinvigorating that vision of creating a prosperous and efficient community with the new council as it re-focuses its priorities towards the core infrastructure shortfalls that have been estimated at some $350 million dollars. This is our community, so let’s make it grow and prosper! #VoteStark2018

John Parker

TRUSTEE: Lambton Kent District School Board
Three (3) to be elected:

Jack Fletcher

Jack Fletcher

I have served two terms on the Lambton Kent District School Board & am seeking a third term. At this time, there is a real need for experience as we are challenged by rapid change & extreme political views.

Recent provincial government decisions are affecting our overall funding in key areas such as school renewal & funds for our special needs students. Curriculum decisions & development have been reversed or curtailed without any real consultation with experienced educators. The sex education curriculum wasn’t perfect but it did address a number of issues that affect the health & safety of our students. The work that was being done on the indigenous curriculum is imperative to the reconciliation process & yes, the math curriculum needs to be reviewed but in consultation with our educators.

The newly elected Board will be setting the direction for the next 4 years & will be hiring a new Director. It will be a challenging task & experience will be needed as well as an individual who keeps up with the changing times. I have served on most of the Board committees, representing our Board at the trustee provincial organization OPSBA. I’ve supported our competent administrators on the innovative changes & the hard decisions they’ve made, but challenged them at our meetings, asking questions as to how & why they made these decisions so that transparency & accountability are addressed for public knowledge.

As well as direct experience on the Board, I have been an educator for over 40 years as a secondary school teacher, college counsellor, administrator & professor as well as part learning specialist. Just as important, I have 4 grandchildren in the Public School system. I strongly believe that education is our best investment in the future of our young people, our community & country. If you have any questions, feel free to call at (519) 491-9965, email jfletcher12@cogeco.ca or check me out on Facebook or Twitter.

Brittany Jenkins

Brittany Jenkins was born in Sarnia & raised in the rural countryside. She’s bilingual, having been a student in the public school board’s french-immersion program. Jenkins attended Lambton College & Northern Collegiate. She has a background in business management & office accounting.

She has experience sitting on boards & committees, & is currently a member of Bluewater Trails & the Sarnia Transit & Accessibility Committee. She was involved in Bluewater Trails’s special trail extension to Lambton College. Jenkins was also involved in implementation of the Transit Master Plan, including the addition of new routes at existing budget levels; an improved route map; accessible bus stops; & a real-time transit app.

As a school board trustee, Brittany will strive to create a stakeholder network to ensure that voices are heard, as well as to identify successes that can be repeated. Jenkins will review budgets & maintenance costs of school board properties to help foster open discussion & to work towards an approach for aging buildings. Brittany seeks to be part of a team who can share ideas & develop plans cooperatively to ensure the completion of large projects. She is committed to delivering an inclusive, safe, & caring learning environment.

Wayne Lelland Pease

I would like to talk about the education & experiences that have brought me to this stage in my life, which I feel would be of benefit to the LKDSB as a Trustee. My work experience spans the horizon from working on a Farrow to Finish hog operation & marketing poultry breeding stock from a Primary Breeder; to an Agricultural Lender (BNS) and finishing up my working career as an Investment Advisor/Financial Planner with a large Canadian Bank (RBC).

My volunteer experience to the community most recently revolves around Bluewater Health. I have been on the Board of Directors for the past 8 years, just going into my 9th & final year. I have Chaired the Resource Utilization & Audit Committee, the Governance & Nominating Committee & served on the Quality Committee of the Board. I also sat as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for 2 years & most recently just finished a 2-year term as Chair of the Board of Directors of Bluewater Health. The budget for Bluewater Health is approximately $175 Million dollars. What I would bring as a Trustee is my knowledge of & proper deployment of Governance in a large organization. Sometimes a major issue that rears its ugly head, is the blurring of the function of governance & operation. My ability to reason & utilize critical thinking, while looking at all sides of the issues at hand would be of significant importance.

What I would hope to achieve is to bring a common sense approach to many of the issues facing (LKDSB). Our community faces a number of challenges such as; abundance of under utilized schools, decreasing enrollment, questions relating to sex-education in grades 1-12 & the recent changes to the roll out of this curriculum. Furthermore, I believe improvements can be made to math education delivery, everyday financial knowledge for students & testing for achievement. At the same time, we must ensure we’re providing the necessary resources to the children of Lambton Kent, so they can achieve their full potential according to their abilities, talents & interests. My ability to weigh the merits of different opinions during debate & deliberation is one trait I am most proud of. Lastly, I would like to thank the citizens for their consideration and encourage them to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

Call 519-312-2561, or email: wpease@cogeco.ca. Take a look at my Facebook page: Vote.Wayne.Pease.LKDSB

Don Wells

I believe we need a change. I do believe, in my heart, it’s about our children & their education. If we all work together hand in hand, at the end of the day, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kids must come first as they are our future down the road.

My format is very humble, keep it simple & let the kids have a say with their own student council leader, with their accomplishments. I would like them also to be able to bring a representative to meetings to hear their thoughts of the school & programs. In voting for me, please know that my beliefs for the education system are as follows: I believe in building hope for all kids to graduate with the knowledge & life skills to leave high school high school with the ability to be a contributing member of society. Even if they don’t move on to colleges & universities, they should have the ability upon graduation to write resumes, to obtain jobs, rent or own their own home & be able to pay bills and do their banking. Not so much trigonometry, but to slide rules & subjects that are not needed in everyday life.

If I am nominated, you should know that I have decided to split my earnings between 2 charities: The Pauline McGibbon School for their breakfast as well as the River City Food Bank. I am doing this because I feel it’s not about the money. These organizations use this money to keep their programs running for people who are in need & hurting. I would like to thank all the business people in general who can vote for me. Thank you for helping me in Don’s Journey of Hope that involved 5 tours to raise money for the Children’s Health Foundation in London Ontario & the Children’s Wish Foundation in Ottawa.

Dave Douglas

TRUSTEE: Conseil Scolaire Viamonde (French-language public school board)
One (1) to be elected:

Pierre Lambert

TRUSTEE: St. Clair Catholic District School Board
Two (2) to be elected:

Jennifer McCann

Jennifer McCann

Preserving & promoting Catholic Education is my top priority, having children that went through the Catholic School System & now grandchildren going through the Catholic French Immersion program. I have seen many areas that need immediate attention. Mental Health needs to be updated with better training & resources, using what our community has to offer & improving accessibility will lead to greater success of our students.

Being involved & sitting on the Sarnia Accessibility Advisory Committee as well as the Lambton Family Advisory Committee lead me to become Chapter Leader for PCMH, which in turn has enabled me to become a Parent & Child Advocate. It would be my privilege to serve as this communities St. Clair Catholic District School Board Trustee, there are many things happening in the Catholic School Board in the coming years & it would be my honour to bring forth your views & concerns. If you have any questions, contact me at jennifermccann4trustee@gmail.com, or (519) 312-3661.

Linda Ward

I will be running for re-election for trustee with the St. Clair Catholic District School Board. Since 2000, I have served on finance, HR, & special education committees.

Our board has formed a consortium with the public board & share bussing, purchasing & various back office services that has produced millions of dollars in savings. We have been redirected these saving into programs & services. I have always made myself available to hear concerns from our Catholic school supporters.

I have served on the Minister of Education’s Special Education Advisory Committee representing all Catholic school boards. Since 2011, I serve a Director for Region 5 with the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association. I represent the St. Clair, Windsor Essex & London District Catholic school boards at a provincial level. I serve on the Political Advocacy committee which communicates almost daily with various departments of the Minister of Education on issues such as finance, health & safety, curriculum, labour, & special education. I also serve on the Labour Relations committee, which works with various labour groups & negotiates the provincial contracts.

I believe my knowledge & experience allows me to be a strong voice both locally & provincially for our Catholic school board supporters. I humbly ask for their vote on October 22

Adam Roop

TRUSTEE: Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence (French-language separate school board)
One (1) to be elected:

Sylvie C. Chmielewski
Louis Guimond
Emilie Sylvain-Lindsay

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