Photo by Arlene Sinasac.

Hogs For Hospice Triples Fundraising

The second annual Hogs for Hospice event has overcome its inaugural fundraising efforts by leaps and bounds.

This year’s event over the Civic Holiday weekend in Leamington raised $200,000, almost triple what it raised last year.

The three-day festival not only attracted 1,200 motorcyclists but thousands of other people to Seacliff Park.

Committee member Joe Oswald credits improved marketing and social media for the increase in attendees but says much of the credit goes to the community.

“People came the first year, and they told their friends,” he says. “Our entire community were advocates outside of this community going, ‘what are you doing this civic holiday weekend? Oh my god, you’ve got to come to Leamington.'”

Stunt shows, retail and food vendors, and two live concerts helped draw in the crowd too.

The proceeds will go to the Erie Shores Health Foundation, which raises money for the Erie Shores Hospice and Erie Shores Healthcare.

“These funds will be broken in a way that hospice, which has its services here in Leamington, will never go away. Their operational services will continue,” says Ross Barnwell, director of development at Erie Shores Healthcare. “And of course there’s always needs within the healthcare community as it relates to equipment that the hospital has.”

Next year’s date has already been booked. Hogs for Hospice 2018 will be August 3 to 5.

– With files from Arlene Sinasac