Essex Town Council in session at Essex Civic Centre, August 21, 2017. Photo by Mark Brown/Blackburn News.

Reduced Development Charges In The Works For Harrow

Essex Town Council is working towards reducing the development costs of building a home in Harrow.

During its meeting Monday evening, council voted unanimously to ask administration to prepare a report on the impact of a 100% reduction in charges for developers building a single-family homes in Ward 4 (Harrow).

“Living there, I know that when a house goes up for sale in Harrow, whether it’s a fixer-upper, or an older house, or a newer house, it’s sold. So the demand is there. The residents want more housing,” says Ward 4 Councillor Sherry Bondy. “If they will build it, we can fill it.”

Councillor Larry Snively, who submitted the motion, says the move would help support local schools and businesses. He adds it would also improve Harrow’s declining population.

“We tried 50% reduction, it did not work, and I have conversation with the developers and they’re indicating that if I can get [the development charges] down to zero, they are willing to put a shovel in the ground,” he says. “I met with different lenders in town and there’s a bunch of pre-approvals for mortgages… we’re looking at well over 100 pre-approvals. So, I think if we get this through, the shovels will be in the ground.”

Administration’s report will be presented to council at a future meeting.