A packed house at Lakeshore Town Council, September 26, 2017. Photo by Mark Brown, Blackburn News.

Lakeshore Addresses Flooding Concerns

The Town of Lakeshore is opening the communication channels after getting an earful from residents upset about flooding.

Residents packed Lakeshore Town Council Tuesday night hoping to hear some answers on how the town plans to prevent the kind of flooding that happened during the torrential rainstorm on August 29.

Council voted to put together a task force on flood control, which would be a working group dedicated to bringing solutions. The town will also hold some information sessions in the near future.

The decisions did not come without interruptions from residents angry at a perceived lack of information. Several times Lakeshore Deputy Mayor Al Fazio, who chaired Tuesday’s meeting in Mayor Tom Bain’s absence, banged the gavel to restore quiet in council chambers.

Ward 1 Councillor Steven Wilder feels for residents, but believes the task force is a start.

“The parameters of that still need to be flushed out, essentially,” says Wilder. “Ultimately, the idea is to communicate with the residents, to have input for them, an area for them to voice concerns, suggestions, things like that.”

The town has already reinstated its backwater valve subsidy program, similar to the one set up for Windsor and Tecumseh residents affected by the flooding.

With a chambers full of people anxious to tell their stories from the flooding, council voted on a motion to defer public comment to information sessions. Wilder says residents will have ample opportunity to express their concerns.

“I understand that’s going to potentially take place in October,” says Wilder. “What that really is is a chance to provide to provide information to residents, to give some explanations, some suggestions, some tips, things like that… bringing in experts, really a place for residents to go and get information.”

Before Lakeshore holds their information session, residents are invited to attend a session Thursday at the Caboto Club in Windsor. Two sessions are held beginning at 2pm and 7pm.