Windsor-Tecumseh NDP MPP Percy Hatfield expresses concern over cuts to the CCAC. (Photo by Jason Viau)

Hatfield Wants More Support For Flood Victims

MPP Percy Hatfield is continuing his at Queen’s Park to try and get support for Windsor residents who experienced flooding last month.

During Question Period on Thursday, Hatfield asked the province to commit to filling the gap between what private insurance wont cover and what the province’s disaster relief program doesn’t cover.

“Representatives of the Insurance Bureau were in my office on Monday saying insurance is not readily available in Windsor and they said they told the minister that, Speaker, climate change is real, extreme weather events are hitting all parts of Ontario,” said Hatfield. “This government is downloading the effects of climate change onto ordinary citizens. Some of my residents have gone through this twice in a year, less than a year, when will the government update its guidelines especially for those who can no longer qualify for private insurance?

Minister Bill Mauro said his research shows insurance is still widely available for most residents across Ontario so the current program does not need adjustments at this time.

“I ensured from staff in my ministry that in fact insurance was available, that’s the information I’ve gotten back from my ministry. I didn’t make that comment willy nilly. I checked, they tell me there is,” said Mauro.

He admited there is work to be done with infrastructure and the program may evolve over time.