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Jobless Rate Does Not Change In Windsor

The unemployment rate did not change in Windsor last month from July according to Statistics Canada.

It was still 6.2% — a full percentage point higher than it was in June.

The agency says a net total of 22,000 jobs were added to the national economy, most of which were in Ontario, for an unemployment rate of 6.2%, down 0.1%.

Adjusted to the same criteria as the U.S. rate is was 5.3% with a labour participation rate of 65.7%. The American jobless rate was 4.4% with 62.9% of the population employed.

Ontario’s economy added 31,000 jobs mostly in finance, insurance, real estate, and rental and leasing. The provincial rate was 5.7%, a drop of .4% in August.

London had 5.4% employment, down .2% from July.

The lowest unemployment rate was in Quebec City, Quebec at 3.8%, and the highest, in St.John’s Newfoundland at 15.1%.