LCBO employees holds information picket outside of LCBO on Howard Ave. in Windsor. May 19, 2017. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Precarious Work And Privatization Top Employee Concerns

Employees of LCBO are fighting against privatization and the excess of casual work positions within the organization.

Employees of OPSEU held an information picket outside of the LCBO on Howard Ave. in Windsor on Friday to explain their concerns.

Vice President of Local 162 Guy Jeremschuk, says it’s not right to leave people in a “casual” position for years working short shifts, seven days a week.

“We’re 85% casual and of that 85%, 70% make $30,000 or less a year with no benefits. They’re making them work seven days a week, five hour shifts instead of a 40 hour week with a day off,” says Jeremschuk.

Both sides are currently taking a break from negotiations. They will meet with a conciliator on June 5, 2017. Though members of OPSEU have voted in favour of strike, members say they have have no immediate plans to take to the picket line.

Union members say continued privatization risks annual revenue the province uses for health care and infrastructure.