4:20 pot rally at Charles Clark Square April 20th, 2017. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

4/20 Windsor Pot Rally Draws Hundreds

Hundreds of pot enthusiasts braved the stormy weather to celebrate everything weed at Charles Clark Square in Windsor.

A 4/20 pot rally was held on Thursday.

One vendor says he had 300 marijuana grinders to give out and they were all gone by 4pm.

Brian is a pot smoker, and says he’s celebrating the future legalization of weed because it has many health benefits.

“You can use the oils for medical purposes and what not. I just believe in coming down here and supporting everybody, having a good time and enjoying the time with everybody down here,” says Brian.

Windsor police say there were no arrests or issues during the rally.

Anthony is a marijuana smoker and says legalization is the right thing to do.

“It’s going to not only make us richer, but it’s going to improve the infrastructure.  It’s going to improve schools and it’s going to improve many different things,” he says.  “Marijuana actually helps fight addiction. I’ve actually heard some studies, which I agree with a lot more than marijuana being a gateway drug. The actual gateway drug is alcohol of course,” Anthony says.