Photo of marijuana plant courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / EpicStockMedia

Police Fully Enforcing Pot Laws, Talking Legalization Concerns

Even though marijuana is expected to be legal in Canada by July 1, 2018, the Windsor Police Service says there will be no grey area in terms of enforcement over the next 15 months.

Chief Al Frederick says it’s still illegal.

“Anyone who possesses or trafficks marijuana today is subject to prosecution, no question,” he says.

Frederick anticipates some issues when it does become legal, however.

“It will present unique challenges for authorities in Windsor because marijuana will not be legal in the United States,” he explains. “So that creates a threat for Windsor residents [crossing the border] who might forget it’s in their pocket — you enter a foreign country and you’re going to get arrested.”

From a policing perspective, he sees it being enforced much like alcohol, with a legal age limit.

Frederick is also concerned about drivers who might smoke before behind the wheel of a car.

“Reaction times are decreased. Your skills are decreased,” he says. “We need the tools in which to detect ‘impaired by drug,’ in this case marijuana. Those tools are not yet developed, so I think there’s a risk to our community in regards to ‘impaired by drug’ and the government needs to address those issues.”

The chief expects to staff a 4/20 event happening Thursday afternoon at Charles Clark Square in Windsor.