The Downtown Mission's Do Good Deli on Ouellette Ave. in Windsor, March 20, 2017. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

New Deli Serving Community In Multiple Ways (GALLERY)

The Downtown Mission’s new Do Good Deli is up and running on Ouellette Ave., helping those facing roadblocks to employment get back into the workforce.

Director Ron Dunn thinks the community is really going to respond to this new way of supporting those in need.

“Not everybody wants to go to the mission or has the financial means but to go for lunch once in a while,” he says. “So if they can choose here over another spot every now and then, that would be great.”

As for the deli’s employees, there are 11 in the 40-day Enterprise Program right now and Dunn is calling on employers to reach out to the Mission if they’re in need of trained staff.

Program Coordinator Mark Gillette even follows up with the employees during the first three months of their next jobs to make sure they’re doing well and that the training has been sufficient.

The Downtown Mission purchased the building on Ouellette Ave. between Erie St. and Elliott St. last April and Dunn says the transformation has been amazing.