This Flu Season Somewhat Similar To Last Flu Season

This flu season has been similar to last flu season in Windsor-Essex when it comes to the number of confirmed cases.

That’s despite a jump in elderly residents being hit with the flu.

Laura Piccinin, the manager of infectious disease prevention at the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, says there are 86 cases so far, compared to a total of 184 last year.

She says the flu strain is different every year, and it isĀ hitting mainly the old and the very young.

Piccinin says the Windsor area is currently experiencing six outbreaks: one influenza, one respiratory, and the rest are enteric outbreaks involving diarrhea and vomiting.

The Windsor-Essex Health Unit is bracing for another round of influenza in March, but this time it’s type B and not A like the area has experienced.

Piccinin says Windsor Regional Hospital has been getting hammered since December because sick elderly stay in beds longer.

She says the numbers could come down or spike until the end of flu season, which is traditionally at the end of April.