Leamington Mayor John Paterson unveils a new summer event, June 3, 2016. Photo by Arlene Sinasac.

Leamington Improving Premier Festival

Leamington is committed to making the 2017 Sip and Savour event better than the last.

In the 2017 budget the the municipality has committed funds to hire an event planner and has secured a contract with Canadian celebrity chef Lynn Crawford.

Leamington Mayor John Paterson says they want to do a little something more to set themselves apart from the other festivals around the region.

“We’re all focusing on the local food and wine and spirits that are here we are just trying to add a little bit extra here in Leamington,” says Paterson.

Crawford is a familiar face on the Food Network and hosts a show “Pitchin In” that focuses on local producers and their relationship with their community.

Paterson says the event planner is needed to give their culture and tourism developer time to focus on tourism throughout the municipality and not just this one event.

“She put a lot of time in last year, going after an event planner in this regard will allow her to supervise what’s happening but allow someone else to pull everything together,” says Paterson.

Council has committed $40,000 for the event planner and to secure Crawford.