file photo by Simon Crouch.

Comment: Enjoy A Safe Planting Season

Carrots, onions, sugar beets, and other crops are all being planted with-in the sound of my voice.

Other crops will be going in soon, even though in some parts of Ontario #Plant16 is still in the planning stages.

We all know the implications. Machinery is out on the roads and it doesn’t move fast.

Mostly that isn’t a serious problem, but once in a while someone gets impatient, and tries to pass on a curve, or a whole line of vehicles that has built up behind that tractor.

The phrase going around is that if you do get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle for a concession road or two, it’s about the same amount of lost time as getting caught by a red light or two. Certainly not worth losing you life over.

So by all means give the equipment operators a break, slow down be patient and wait for a safe opportunity to pass.

But a couple of thoughts that sometimes don’t get mentioned at this time of year, in this type of commentary. If you are driving the tractor, give the cars behind you a break too.

When it is safe pull over a bit and make it easier for them to pass. Especially if there are a number of cars behind you. Tractors have a right to be on the road, but everyone has a responsibility to be considerate.

An while we are on the subject of safety here is something else we usually don’t think of as a safety issue.

Cell phones are a mixed blessing. They can be a distraction when driving. Don’t drive and text whether you are in a car or a tractor, but if you are working in isolation, as many farmers do, keep one with you.

We heard this week about a farm accident that resulted in a farmer spending a night under a tractor. Happily it no longer seems like a life threatening injury, but we wonder how many lives could have been saved with access to a phone.

It’s spring. Enjoy the planting season. May the farm year be profitable but even more important may it be safe.