Weekend Review Dec 14-18

Weekend Review is your chance to catch up on all the biggest news stories from Chatham-Kent and the surrounding municipalities in southwestern Ontario.

During the first segment, we’ll break down some of the top news stories to hit BlackburnNews.com in Chatham-Kent over the past week including more on a new measure that should help prevent fentanyl abuse and some local reaction to the new Star Wars movie that premiered this week.

From Windsor to Wingham, the second segment focuses on BlackburnNews.com’s regional coverage of southwestern Ontario, wrapping things up with “Sounding Off” with BlackburnNews.com’s Adelle Loiselle, who is sounding off about Ontario allowing beer to be sold in grocery stores.

In the third segment of Weekend Review, we’ll start things off with a conversation between BlackburnNews.com’s Simon Crouch and municipal councilor Brock McGregor about Syrian refugees and the reception they are getting from local residents. After that, we’ll wrap up the show by hearing more about some of the challenges local seniors are facing when it comes to their active lifestyle centers in the area.