Pressure on the QB forces an interception in the third quarter. Nov 19 ,2016 (photo by Jake Jeffrey)

Free Concussion Seminar In Point Edward

Local coaches will have an opportunity to learn about concussion safety during a free presentation Wednesday evening in Point Edward.

The Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Concussion Centre is hosting the event in an effort to improve sport safety and enhance concussion education for players, parents, coaches, and officials.

Holland Bloorview Concussion Centre is Canada’s largest pediatric rehab hospital and was one of the worlds first centre’s dedicated exclusively to pediatric concussion. The Concussion Centre is focused on getting athletes back to doing the recreational and competitive sports that they love to participate in, after sustaining a concussion.

The 90 minute concussion seminar gets underway at 7pm at the Holiday Inn on Venetian Blvd.