Bluewater Health Foundation Executive Director Kathy Alexander and Sports Broadcaster Michael Landsberg. photo.

Landsberg Delivers ‘Sick Not Weak’ Message To Sarnia

Mental health advocate Michael Landsberg shared his ‘Sick Not Weak’ message as he toured around Sarnia Thursday.

The popular TSN sports broadcaster, who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder and depression, visited students at St. Patrick’s Catholic High School and Great Lakes Secondary School — before giving the keynote address at fifth annual Bluewater Health Foundation fundraising gala.

“It’s been a busy day, but amazing day,” Landsberg said. “I measure my day by people I’ve been able to impact. People I’ve been able to share with. So the chance to go to two high schools is really, of all the things I do, far and away the most challenging but also the most rewarding.”

He will speak with students at Northern Collegiate and Lambton College Friday.

“If I could do this everyday — If I could travel around speaking, I would do it in a heartbeat,” saidĀ Landsberg. “I would give up everything else. This is by far the most important thing that I’ve done, but also the most enjoyable. There’s really nothing for me that’s ever been like being on stage — talking about mental health.”

Landsberg, who has been with TSN since the network’s inception in 1984, is the founder of the Sick Not Weak initiative.

It raises awareness about the importance of being open about mental illness, reaching out for help when needed, and reducing the stigma surrounding it.

Foundation Executive Director Kathy Alexander said approximately $85,000 was raised by the sold out event, which will support Mental Health and Addiction Services at Bluewater Health.