Sarnia Police Headquarters on Christina St. at Exmouth St. ( File Photo by Briana Carnegie)

City Police Working On 2018 Budget

The Sarnia Police Service is still making some changes to the 2018 draft budget.

Police Chief Phil Nelson says currently the budget sits at just over $23.2-million, an increase of 3.05% from last year.

He says they’re still waiting for some figures, including benefit packages.

Nelson says further changes to the document, before going to Sarnia City Council for approval, are likely.

“It’s like anything else… the cost of hydro goes up, the cost of gas goes up, education has taken a jump, there’s many things that drive it up,” says Nelson. “All of this stuff comes together to keep the costs up, but this is all of the stuff that we still have to go through yet. We have department head meetings yet to look at the budget to see where we can reduce different areas, so it’s ongoing.”

Council meets December 5 for budget deliberations.