The new GE Revolution CT suite at Bluewater Health in Sarnia. January 11, 2017 photo by Melanie Irwin

Final Push To Pay For CT Scanner

The new CT scanner at Bluewater Health’s Sarnia site is almost paid off.

Bluewater Health Foundation Executive Director Kathy Alexander says 85% of the $2.4-million project cost has now been raised.

“The community response has been overwhelming and we know that our hospital is just so fortunate to have such an incredible, state-of-the-art scanner that will benefit so many patients,” says Alexander.

She’s optimistic they will achieve their goal early in the new year.

“The Sarnia Construction Association came in with an incredible $300,000 commitment to the CT scanner and they really kicked it off for us,” says Alexander. “They are tremendous supporters of our community and our community hospital. We also had a very successful mail campaign in the summer, where we had a donor allow us to leverage his donation and we had a matching campaign and in just one month, over $52,000 was raised.”

Alexander says funds from this years dream home lottery will support the campaign.

“If we sell out dream home tickets, that will be about $300,000 toward that last remaining $400,000,” she says.

Alexander says planning is already underway for the next fundraising project — but she didn’t want to spill any details just yet.

The CT has been in use since January and can scan a patient in a heartbeat, or 0.23 seconds.