Accessibility upgrades in the Lambton County Council chambers in Wyoming. October, 2017 (Photo by Melanie Irwin)

Easier To Get Around

It’s now easier for people with disabilities to get around Lambton County Council chambers.

$85,000 has been spent on improving accessibility to the meeting room in Wyoming.

General Manager of Facilities John Innes says they started with the doors.

“The old doors to the chambers had a metal pole down the middle between the two doors, which was restricting access for people in wheelchairs,” says Innes. “So, we have eliminated that bar and put in two automatic openers on the doors to ensure that anyone who needs access to the room that has mobility issues can get in as easily as possible.”

He says the ramp down to the council floor was also widened, had railings installed on both sides of it and new flooring installed.