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OPP Promotes Online Safety During October

We’re being urged to “think before we click”.

That’s the message from the Ontario Provincial Police as we enter Cyber Security Awareness Month.

OPP Detective Sergeant Rick Hawley says victims of cyber crime in Ontario lose billions of dollars each year. He says scammers can make emails look very real.

“In the email address, if you look at it they could change just a number, they could add a figure to it that if you’re just quickly glancing at may not notice,” says Hawley. “They look very similar to a website that you normally would visit. Take a good look and, if you’re suspicious, don’t click any links.”

Hawley says Ransom Ware is popular among scammers, where people will click on a link and have their computer locked and need to pay to regain access. He stresses the importance of making sure an email is legitimate before opening.

You can be extra safe by using a two-factor authentication system that requires multiple pieces of ID before making an online purchase.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of cyber crime, call police, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or Crime Stoppers.