Lambton College Fire Fit Team. Photo courtesy of Lambton College.

Firefit Team Advances To World Championships

Lambton College’s Firefit team has a chance to win a world title after capturing gold at the Canadian national championships in early September.

Mackenzie Baker, Jared Adams, Connor Hanenberg, Philip Pumputis, Quinn Howitt, and Sam Poier are heading to Louisville, KY for the Scott Firefighter World Challenge from October 23 to 28.

Baker will also be competing with the Canadian team “Fit By Fire”, made up of some of the nation’s strongest female firefighters.

Lambton Head Coach Sue Patrick says the students are well positioned to find full time jobs in the field.

“The students kind of get the opportunity to get their name out there, to talk to people about what it takes to get hired, and what it takes to be a full time firefighter,” says Patrick. “There’s almost, in some cases, a mentoring that goes on with other competitors. It’s a huge advantage for the students that participate.”

The team has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with their trip to Louisville.