Condition of Denmark St. Causes Safety Concerns (Photo Courtesy of City of Sarnia)

Councillor Wants Help For Neighbourhood

A Sarnia city councillor is requesting some road improvements in her neighbourhood.

Cindy Scholten, who lives at 1321 Sweden St., according to the city website, has asked staff to provide a report on the cost of road repairs for a small stretch of neighbouring Denmark St. in the city’s north end.

“It’s specifically from Denmark and Sweden to Denmark and Norway,” says Scholten. “This report would provide potential costs for smoothening the road along the curbs and driveways and/or the potential costs for repaving or reshaving the road.”

Scholten told her colleagues Monday that she understands concerns are received from citizens daily about roads, the city is backlogged when it comes to upgrading infrastructure and this road is not a priority in the transportation master plan.

“The reason why I’m bringing this to you tonight, is that I feel that it is a serious health and safety issue for some of the residents on this tiny portion of the street,” she says. “For example, one of the residents has chronic pain where a physician said the only way to ease that pain will actually be walking and these seniors don’t want to have to drive to Lambton Mall, get in their car and go somewhere where they can walk.”

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley urged council to be cognizant and fair, saying there are quite a few other streets that can make the same case.

As directed by council, staff will report back their findings at a future meeting.