Significant backups at the Blue Water Bridge due to computer problems at US Customs. November 11, 2014 ( photo by Sue Storr)

Bridge Pilot Hoped To Improve Traffic Flow

A new pilot project at the Blue Water Bridge is aimed at improving traffic flow at one of Canada’s busiest international crossings.

Starting September 14, the far right toll lane, previously used for transport trucks, will be dedicated to local traffic only.

Federal Bridge Corporation spokesman Andre Girard says the goal is to prevent traffic, entering Hwy. 402 between Indian Rd. and Front St., from having to cross over multiple lanes between transport trucks.

“It’s the second busiest international bridge in Canada, so it’s not simple,” says Girard. “We’re trying to find tricks to please everybody and that one we think might play a key role in the fluidity of traffic to the United States.”

Girard expects the pilot project to increase driver safety and ease congestion.

It will run until January 17, 2018 and could be implemented full time if successful.