Photo courtesy of Bluewater Power via facebook.

Bluewater Power Sends Help To Florida

Bluewater Power is sending two linemen to Florida to help restore electricity service in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Mark Pearson and Mike Lepelaars are making the trip in a Bluewater Power bucket truck, flying the Canadian flag.

They’ll join a group from Chatham, St. Thomas and Essex, that will leave Wednesday morning.

President and CEO Janice McMichael-Dennis expects them to be there for about three weeks.

“The infrastructure damage is so severe based on the pictures that we’ve been provided,” says McMichael-Dennis. “They will essentially be installing poles, stringing wire, and hanging transformers. Most of the infrastructure is beyond repair so it’s basically almost a new capital-intensive rebuild program.”

McMichael-Dennis says they’ll be heading to Tampa Electric where about half of their 725,000 customers remain without power.

Overall, 5-million people have been left in the dark.

She says the utility has been involved in many disaster relief efforts, including ice storms in Canada and hurricanes abroad.