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Two New Restaurants To Open On London Rd.

The former Burger King property on London Rd. will soon be home to a pair of new fast food restaurants.

Site preparation and construction is now underway on state-of-the-art Taco Bell and Popeye’s Chicken restaurants.

Commercial Real Estate Agent Doug Lasenby is thrilled to finally see movement on the property.

Burger King closed its doors in the fall of 2014, and was torn down a year later.

“A redevelopment project is always tougher to do than a brand new, from scratch project,” says Lasenby. “So, it has taken longer than we wanted, but it’s going to be worthwhile when it’s done. The two new buildings will be a great addition to that property. It was very tired and in need of an upgrade and will certainly look great when it’s finished.”

Weather permitting, Lasenby hopes Taco Bell will be open by January 1, 2018, with Popeye’s expected to open a couple of months after that.

Lasenby doesn’t have a final cost for the project, but estimates at least a couple million dollars will be spent to redevelop the site.

He’s hopeful local construction trades will be used for the project.