Sarnia Fire Crews Respond To A Fire At Sarnia Library - July 13/17 (Photo Courtesy of Sarnia Fire via Twitter)

Sarnia Library Remains Closed Following Fire

Sarnia Public Library is still closed following a fire last Thursday afternoon.

Fire officials says the fire originated in the mechanical system and was quickly put out with no injuries being reported.

City of Sarnia Property Manager Vince Wijsman says the Electrical Safety Authority conducted an inspection Monday morning.

“The parts will be ordered, the new transformer will be installed, we’re hoping, by Wednesday,” says Wijsman. “It will be inspected again by an ESA inspector and then we hope things will be turned on by this coming Friday to make sure everything is operational.”

Wijsman says there’s a restoration company on site cleaning up smoke damage throughout the building.

“Thankfully staff there were able to react, pull the fire alarm and call 911 and the air handler was turned off immediately, so there’s minimal smoke damage but still there’s enough there that people would be able to smell it if it wasn’t cleaned up,” he says.

An estimate of the damage is not yet known.

Wijsman says it’s hoped the library will reopen to the public by early next week.