Rash Of Incidents At Suncor

Suncor now says the most recent of 6 incidents reported in 10 days at the Sarnia refinery was a false alarm.

Another Code 8 under Chemical Valley emergency protocol was issued for a small hydrogen fire in a hydrocracker unit just before 8am.

Company spokesperson Jennifer Johnson says after extensive investigation and monitoring they’ve confirmed that there was not a fire and there are no further hydrogen leaks in the hydrocracker unit.

Johnson says the false alarm is believed to have resulted from reflected light that was observed in the unit early this morning.

She says Suncor understands the worry and inconvenience recent alarms have created for the community and safety remains a core value at the refinery.  Johnson says Suncor works very hard to protect the safety of its employees, the community and the environment.

An all clear sounded at 1 p.m.

Suncor reported a small fire that prompted another alert last night and plant sirens sounded just after 5pm yesterday due to a hydrogen leak from a valve supplying process flow instrumentation.

A hydrogen leak was also reported last Sunday evening.

September 21st there was a mixed propane/butane vapour leak and September 24th the company reported a leak of biodegradable cleaning product into the St Clair River.

A month long planned maintenance turnaround got underway at the refinery yesterday.