Ripley Lagoon Rescue Operation Hazardous

The fire chief is releasing details of their response after a car was found in the Ripley Lagoon Monday.

The Ripley Huron Fire Department was called about 2am on September 25, after a car was driven into the water at the end of Park St.

Chief Chris Cleave says firefighters assisted OPP with a ground search for victims and to determine if the car was occupied.

The Kincardine fire department was also called in to provide mutual aid water rescue standby.

Firefighters could not attempt to enter the water due to significant health and safety concerns.

The department did provide hazardous materials decontamination for OPP members, and equipment for the Underwater Search and Recovery Unit.

A vehicle was pulled from the water late that afternoon and no victims were found in the pond or vehicle.

The department response costs are just under $6,000.