NWMO Moves Closer To Canadian Nuclear Fuel Storage Site In Ontario

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is calling for comment on the next steps in the process to build a deep underground storage facility for high-level nuclear fuel waste.

Huron Kinloss and South Bruce are among the six remaining possibilities, all of which are located in Ontario.

The $23.6-billion project would create storage for about 5.4-million used fuel bundles from nuclear-generating facilities in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick about 500 metres underground in specialized containers.

Over the next five years, the NWMO will continue to narrow the focus to one preferred site.

A site is expected to be identified by 2023, and operational by 2045.

The NWMO will spend the next five-year trying to demonstrate the safety and feasibility of the repository, and engineered barriers.

The will also plan for construction and operation of the site, and develop transportation plans.

Ingnace, Elliot Lake/Blind River, Manitouwadge, and Hornpayne are also being considered.

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