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Hanover Kicks Off Culture Days

Hanover’s Culture Days Kick off today with a goal to educate people about the community’s history and heritage.

A Launch Ceremony is planned for 6:30pm in Heritage Square, where four building recognition signs will be unveiled.

It’s the first phase of a multi-year project.

The Heritage Committee has documented the physical property inventory of over 30 properties deemed historically important. In all, the committee has identified 80 properties to document. They want to tell the stories of the buildings to future generations.

The building recognition signs will tell the story of the building including when it was built, who originally owned it, and their occupation.

The first four signs will be displayed at Temptations, Lyons and Co, Dutch Deli, and Optical Gallery.

A Hanover heritage story map is also being launched, in cooperation with Grey county, it’s a web-based virtual tour is the past.

There will also be an artifacts roadshow at the Archives Room at St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

The archives room will be open Friday, September 29, from 7pm to 9pm and Saturday, September 30 from 1pm to 4pm. The Story Map will be available, as well as an opportunity to view photos, memorabilia and artifacts. The archives room is located at the corner of 11th Ave. and 9th St.

The Story Map can be accessed from the town website

“Sharing our Town’s physical property history is important to ensure future generations are aware of our community’s past,” says Al Morrow, committee chairperson.

“Keeping our past alive through initiatives such as the new sign and Story Map projects, as well are our ongoing collections of artifacts is a passion of our Committee,” noted Morrow. “I encourage our residents to join us during the Culture Days weekend for a glimpse into our past.”

For more information on the lineup of events for Culture Days, please go to