Perth East Launches Interactive Tax Tools

Perth East residents can learn more about their taxes thanks to new interactive calculators available on the township’s website.

Treasurer Rhonda Fischer says one calculator allows property owners to see just where their taxes go, and the other lets residents have a say on the budget.

Fischer says council has been adamant about finding new ways to engage the public in the budget process. She says the tools ensure everyone can be easily informed, and enjoy a convenient direct way to influence how taxes are spent in the future.

The Property Tax Calculator will offer an estimate on their property taxes, and a breakdown of cost per service for the township’s portion. People just enter their property ward, tax class and assessment value to see just where that property’s tax dollars are allocated. And the Budget Builder feature allows people to adjust capital and operating budgets to see what kind of impact that would have on taxes. They can comment on each budget sector, and say if they want spending there changed or not.

People can use it for each year’s budget between September and November 20. The information will be forwarded to council.

Perth East Mayor Bob McMillan hopes these new tools will lead to more resident engagement.

“Each year, council is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring our residents receive excellent service and value for their tax dollars,” he says. “Often, difficult choices must be made. Community engagement is improved when everyone understands each other’s position, ideas and challenges… especially when it comes to the budget. These kinds of tools allow residents to sample that process, see the impact of certain decisions and then provide their feedback to council.”

The Tax Calculator and Budget Builder tools are available on the Perth East website at