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Goderich Legion And Vendors At Odds Over Courthouse Park Space

Goderich council will attempt to clarify exactly how much of the Courthouse Park is included in the Reflection Garden.

Members of Legion Branch 109 have addressed council to have the area of the Cenotaph and the Reflection Garden extend from the Cenotaph to the sidewalk and exclude any commercial activity in that area.

Past President Paul Thorne explains the Legion worked closely with the town on the reconstruction of the Courthouse Park following the tornado with a goal of preserving that space for Legion activity, and be a place of quiet reflection for people who wanted to enjoy the park.

But vendors in some of the markets on the Square have been setting up in that area.  Thorne contends it should not be used for commercial purposes.

Some of the vendors spoke at the last council meeting and expressed the hope they could work with the Legion to come up with a solution.

Thorne explained, “It’s a sacred place as far as the Legion is concerned.  It’s an emotional issue for us. Our whole reason for being is to promote remembrance an of course this is an icon in our community and I can’t imagine any other community across Canada who would allow that sacred space for a commercial purpose.”