Co-op Redevelopment In Harriston

Minto wants to make sure a redevelopment at the North Wellington Co-op in Harriston poses no danger to the community.

Minto Fire Chief Chris Harrow said since it is already existing in Harriston, steps will be made to ensure public safety.

The danger involves the fact that the farm Co-op handles dangerous materials including fuel, fertilizer and propane. No new dangerous materials will be introduced to the site as a result of the changes.

Minto council has approved in principle the major redevelopment by the North Wellington Co-op in Harriston and the company must comply with a number of strict conditions.

But Minto Councillor Jean Anderson said she is concerned and would like to see for herself that the conditions are properly completed, before allowing anything to go ahead.

Mayor George Bridge said he’s comfortable with the safety of the proposal.

“And we have plans in place to do any kind of emergency measures,” said Bridge. “But now with the new building we can actually strengthen those up and make it a little bit better for everybody.”

The mayor reminded council that the North Wellington Co-op is an important part of the local agricultural community.