(Saugeen Conservation photo)

Legends Of The Great Greenock Swamp Tour This Weekend

Brockton, Saugeen Conservation and Tourism Grey Bruce Simcoe are creating a new tourism experience centred around the Greenock Swamp.

The area is Southern Ontario’s largest forested wetland, and a Class 1 wetland.

Saugeen Conservation spokeswoman Shannon Wood says it is an incredibly significant area that people want to tour.  She adds it also has a mysterious and unique past full of history, legends, folklore and incredible stories.

“Not only is it incredibly significant in terms of its size and natural features, but there’s something about its mysterious and unique past.  It’s the history, the legends, the folklore and the incredible stories – stories about people disappearing in the swamp never to be seen again, or others who have seen a mysterious green light shining in the bowels of the swamp! There’s also the man-eating plants and quicksand. And we certainly can’t forget the tall tales associated with moonshine production during the days of prohibition,” continued Wood.

“We have a great deal of incredible history in our own backyard and many times we don’t realize the tourism potential,” stated Kim Clarke, tourism experience development specialist with RT07. “This is an excellent venue that provides rich history, educational value, mystery, intrigue and so much more… It’s great to explore our rich history. There is so much to share and to explore in our own unique area.”

“This is an important first step to build on the great work the Conservation Authority has been doing to recognize our pioneer heritage,” stated Dan Gierzack, deputy mayor with the Municipality of Brockton and director with Saugeen Conservation. “There is tremendous value in our unique natural features and heritage so we welcome the Conservation Authority’s efforts to explore them with local residents and visitors.”

The first Legends of the Great Swamp Tour takes place July 22 from 2pm to 7pm, including a guided tour, a stop at the Chepstow Inn, and walk along the floating boardwalk.

Tickets can be purchased online at Eventbrite (and search for Legends of the Great Swamp), by calling the main office at 519-367-3040 ext. 229 or emailing publicinfo@svca.on.ca.