A row of townhouses on fire in August of 2015. (Photo by Kirk Scott)

Emergency Responders Recognized For Response To Owen Sound Fires

Owen Sound Chief William Sornberger has publicly recognized local emergency medical and fire services for their response to deliberately set fires in August of 2015.

Police say the fires were deliberately started the night of August 10, 2015, that destroyed over 15 properties, and displaced over 50 people.

Local EMS and Fire workers managed a coordinated critical response to the many fires and patients that needed attention, and were able to bring the situation under control.

Sornberger says the teamwork that was exemplified by the Owen Sound Fire Department, Intertownship Fire Department, Chatsworth Fire Department, Grey County Paramedic Services and the Grey County Fire Coordinator was remarkable.

He adds responders were able to manage resources, logistics, personnel, critical incident operations and the triaging of patients professionally and diligently.

Sornberger presented each of the agencies with a Citation for Teamwork on Thursday.