Perth-Wellington Gets Connecting Links Funding

Perth Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece says he welcomes new Connecting Links funding in the riding, but the province needs to do more to meet local infrastructure needs.

Pettapiece was pleased to see the region receive about $4-million in funding, which is about 19%  of the province wide total Connecting Links funding.

The funding includes $4.2-million to resurface Erie St. in Stratford , almost $400,000 for Hwy. 23 in West Perth, and $233,000 to resurface Hwy. 89 in Wellington North.

Minto is receiving almost $1-million to resurface Elora St. in Clifford.

“I want to congratulate all municipalities that stand to benefit from these funds,” says Pettapiece. “It’s good to see their hard work has paid off.”