Public Comment Period Underway For Kincardine Nuclear Waste Burial Plan

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency says the public comment period is now open for additional information that Ontario Power Generation submitted to support its nuclear waste Deep Geologic Repository project in Kincardine.

The public, governments and indigenous groups can comment on the OPG report explaining the pros and cons of locations other than Bruce Power.

The CEAA has also doled out over $145,000. to mostly indigenous groups so they can take part in the safety review of the project.

OPG wants to build a Deep Geologic Repository at the site beside Lake Huron to store low and medium level nuclear waste deep undergound.

People have until February 17th to make comments.

Then the CEAA will prepare a draft report with its analysis of the information, and the comments.

The Minister of Environment had asked OPG to study alternate locations back in February of 2016 before she makes a final decision on the project.