Varna area farmer Bev Hill had some questions about Huron County's Natural Heritage Plan at Wednesday's meeting. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Questions About County Natural Heritage Plan

A prominent Varna-area farmer shared his concerns over the county’s natural heritage plan with county council Wednesday morning.

One of the biggest for Bev Hill is the province, through the county, creating a lot bureaucracy and several obstacles for property owners to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Hill explained that the county’s tree cover over the last few years has increased significantly.

“With information that has come from within the county, we have shown how forest cover has increased from 12.9% to 16.8% over the last 40 years,” says Hill.

He adds some of the barriers, like a 120 metre setback from naturally significant areas, was unnecessary.

Hill also complained about the lack of notification about public meetings on the issue and said he was happy to hear that the county was extending the consultation period.