New Brockton BIA Approved

Brockton Council approved the eight nominations for the new BIA board Monday night.

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak, who represents council on the BIA board, says they’re considering appointing a business development coordinator to work with the BIA.

“Right now we are looking for a new manager for the BIA, and we’ve had discussions about having an economic development officer for the whole of Brockton, so now what we’re talking about is a combined position,” says Gieruszak. “Someone who could handle both those responsibilities.”

The BIA will have a meeting today to elect a chair as they move forward from the previous board all stepping down.

Gieruszak says he hopes the BIA is positive going forward.

“I think we want to be very positive moving forward, and any time we see any criticism, any concern expressed within our business community about what the board is doing, we need to address those things quickly, and not delay,” he says.