Photo by Bob Montgomery

Sarnia To Tobermory Action Plan In The Works For Lake Huron

The CEO of the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation has just sent invitations out to the mayor and at least one other councillor of each of the municipalities along the Lake Huron shoreline from Sarnia to Tobermory to attend a meeting in October.

Matt Hoy says one of his objectives is to get municipalities talking about common problems along the shoreline.

“We’re trying to, number one, get municipalities to talk to each other because as an elected councillor myself I know that that doesn’t necessarily happen as often as it could; it gives us a chance to share resources, share information, work with one another on coastal actions plans,” says Hoy.

He also says staff at the centre are currently working on a Shoreline Action Plan and they’re looking for input to ensure their plan addresses problems on the lake as well as the needs of municipalities.

“The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation is currently putting together an action plan for our side of Lake Huron, Sarnia to Tobermory, so we would like to get each one of the municipalities’ feedback so that we can produce a plan that is not only good for the lake but meets the needs of the municipalities as well,” adds Hoy.

As part of their Action Plan, Hoy says they’ve identified stress points in the lake along the shoreline and they want to make sure municipalities are aware of that and how those stress points can affect neighbouring municipalities and what municipalities can do to eliminate some of those stress points.

The meeting will be held at the Beach Street Station Restaurant on October 20, 2016.

Hoy adds it’s important to recognize whatever happens inland eventually finds its way to the lake and part of their focus is on activity up to about one and a half miles inland from the shoreline.