Bruce Power Engaged External Experts For Safety Assessment

Bruce Power says it stands by the submission it made to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission [CNSC] at its successful hearing for a new operating license.

Vice President of Corporate Affairs James Scongack says Bruce Power is committed to Safety First.

An anonymous letter from CNSC specialist staff claimed commissioners made licensing decision for Bruce Power without have experts review Bruce Power’s Probabilistic Safety Assessment [PSA].

However, Scongack says Bruce Power engages its own internal and external experts on the matter.

He says then the material is submitted to the CNSC staff for review.

Scongack says the CNSC has about 800 staff members with considerable expertise who make recommendations to the commission following their review.

Meantime, the anonymous letter from CNSC staff says, “CNSC management went further and actively discouraged any review of Bruce Power’s PSAs by technical specialists. They argued that acceptance of the methodology was sufficient, there was no need to confirm that the PSA met the methodology.  We disagree with management’s position. However, even if management’s position is correct, the status of the PSA and the level of review should have been made clear to the commissioners.”

The letter also outlined a number of concerns over approvals for the Darlington Nuclear Station.

The Globe is reporting the Minister of Natural Resources is setting up a meeting with the head of the CNSC to discuss the allegations.