United Way Perth Huron Needs More Help To Hit Target

The Perth Huron United Way is asking for just a little more help as their fundraising campaign wraps up in a few weeks but is still 6% short of the goal.

Executive Director Ryan Erb says they will announce their fundraising total at the Spirit of the Community Celebration March 31.

“Although we will be announcing our campaign total that evening, our focus is really not on the funding but on the lives that are improved because someone made a donation to United Way. It’s the impact that we are celebrating, and the people and companies who made that impact possible,” he says.

Campaign Chair Andrew Williams says there are just a few weeks left, and they would like to be able to announce that they met their goal of $1.27-million.

“It’s the first year of a three-year campaign. With one year under our belt, we are ready to announce our progress. It’s an important milestone for us. we are excited to be closing on 94% of our goal and are asking the community to help us reach our one-year goal by making a donation today,” adds Williams.

North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns urges the community to show support. She says the United Way has been part of a collaborative effort between several Perth Huron service agencies and residents, to create a local Youth Mental Health and Addictions Program.

“The United Way is involved in many charitable and social activities in the Town of St. Marys,” says Mayor Al Strathdee in an email. “They support agencies that assist the most vulnerable in our society during their time of need. Please support the United Way and help them improve the lives of many in our community.”

“They do amazing things in our community in support of our most vulnerable and underprivileged citizens,” says Jim Ginn, mayor of Central Huron. “I see first hand the numerous agencies they support and the research they conduct to try to rectify problems in our area.”

Ginn notes that the funds raised stay in our community.

“So if we help them, we help ourselves!” he says.

Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson expressed similar sentiments.

“The United Way is an integral part of our community,” says Mathieson. “They fund programs and organizations that touch the lives of our family, friends and neighbors. Through the final stages of the campaign, consider the impact they make in our community and give generously, knowing that the people that rely on the services funded by the United Way appreciate your generosity.”

You can make a donation at their website, www.perthuron.unitedway.ca