Kevin Kelly, Bruce Power Chief Financial Officer, and Acting President. (Bruce Power photo)

Bruce Power Claims Some Credit For Cleaner Air

Bruce Power is claiming some credit for cleaner Ontario Air.

Bruce Power says they provided 70% of the carbon free energy needed to replace the power from the shutdown of coal plants.

Acting Bruce Power President Kevin Kelly says Bruce Power doubled the number of operating units since 2001, while more renewable energy came on line as well.

Kelly says the province’s Long Term Energy Plan includes a commitment from Bruce Power to provide 30% of Ontario’s power supply.

The company is investing $13-billion in private funds to extend the life of its reactors to 2064 through the refurbishment of Units 3 to 8.

The search for a long term storage solution for nuclear waste continues.

The federal government has delayed a decision on Ontario Power Generation’s Deep Geological Repository for medium level nuclear waste at the Bruce Power Site.

Investigation continues to find a site for another Deep Geological Repository for high level nuclear waste with three midwestern Ontario communities involved for that site: Central Huron, South Bruce and Huron Kinloss.

A recent provincial report says the last coal plant was shut down in 2014, and the air quality report shows no smog advisories for that year.

In 2005, there were 53 smog advisories issued.

“Bruce Power is committed to operating the site through 2064, providing Ontarians with carbon-free energy that will keep our air clean for our children and grandchildren,” says Kelly. “We’ve done our part to help shut down coal, and we look forward to being a leader in clean electricity generation for decades.”