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Inverhuron Sewer Project Moves Ahead

The Municipality of Kincardine is in the process of calling for tenders for a $9-million water and sewer line into the Inverhuron area.

The Ministry of the Environment has approved the project which will be split three ways between the federal government, the provincial government and the municipality.

Hookup will be mandatory for the 300 residents, although there is some opposition.

However, one Inverhuron cottager told Kincardine council that the bottom line is public safety, and she is urging other residents of the community to support the project. Joan Paterson is afraid the health and safety of Inverhuron residents is at risk if the new sewer and water installation does not go ahead.

Chief Administration Officer Murray Clarke says he expects tenders to be returned by the end of the month. Clarke says the work could be completed by March 31 of next year.