Health Canada Wind Study Released

Health Canada has published the results of its Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study, which basically suggests no evidence of a link.

Health Canada launched a study in 2012 with Statistics Canada to explore the relationship between wind turbine noise and health effects on people nearby.  It found no link between exposure to wind turbine noise, and any self reported or measured health outcome.  But the study did find a relationship between increasing levels of wind turbine noise, and annoyance.

The annoyance was toward several features including noise, vibration, shadow flicker, and warning lights at the top of wind turbines.

The study notes that the findings do not provide a definitive answer, and must be considered in the context of a broader evidence base.

Over 1,200 households were included and over 4,000 hours of wind turbine noise was measured.

Hair cortisol was measured as a biomarker of stress, blood pressure, heart rate and sleep.