More i-pads for Avon Maitland Schools

The Avon Maitland District School Board will be rolling out more than 22-hundred new i-pads this year.

Superintendent Mike Ash explains the i-pads are part of the board’s Next Generation Learning project and they started providing grade seven and eight students with i-pads last year.

This year they’re including grade nine students and they started distributing them in July and by the end of October Ash estimates they’ll have processed and handed out about 22-hundred i-pads, and most of the grade seven and eight students will have one.

Ash points out the introduction of technology into the classroom is indicative of changes in education not just in Ontario or Canada but around the world.

He says, “In fact we are involved with an international project with 10 countries and corporations that sit at the table including IBM where we are focusing on changing the teaching and learning environment in our schools and leveraging technology to prepare our students for the world that they are going to inherit.”